[VIDEO] Which Rackspace Cloud Platform Is For You?

The other week I set out to make a product comparison video for Cloud Sites and Cloud Servers. After thinking about the best way to do that I decided to simply take some of the most common real world scenarios posed to us here at the Rackspace Cloud and give some quick high level answers.

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More Rackspace Cloud Background & Wallpaper Images

A few days ago I posted two Rackspace Cloud background images after receiving many requests for them (I use them in my video demos). This post has quickly become one of the most popular posts on my site, so I figured I would treat everyone. Our local graphics super-star James Lewis created some new backgrounds for everyone to enjoy after I bugged him for a few days straight. Thanks James!

The Rackspace Cloud - 1600x1200 Blue

1400×900 or 1600×1200

The Rackspace Cloud - 1600x1200 Grey

1400×900 or 1600×1200

The Rackspace Cloud - 1600x1200 Full Color

1400×900 or 1600×1200

[UPDATED] Rackspace Cloud Webinar Recording

I posted a recording of my weekly webinar which I do every Wednesday for the Rackspace Cloud a few days ago. This recording was from back in September and a few things have changed since, so I recorded todays session and posted below. If you missed the session or just have trouble making the time, feel free to watch this recording anytime at your convenience. During the webinar I give a high-level overview of the different platforms offered by the Rackspace Cloud (Cloud Sites, Cloud Servers, Cloud Files), then some live demonstrations within the control panel and then an open Q&A session at the end. Click the image below to launch the video:

The Rackspace Cloud Webinar

If you would like to register for a future webinar visit this page and sign-up for a date that works for you.

Feel free to comment with any suggestions for future webinars if there is something else you would like to see.