My Favorite Cartoons Growing Up

While watching cartoons with my step-daugther this weekend I got to thinking about all of my favorite cartoons I watched as a kid. Most of these are from the mid-late 80’s, back when cartoons were actually good. I’m not sure what happened, but the cartoons these days just don’t seem engaging at all and the CG animation is so hard to watch. Can’t animators draw anymore?

Anyhow, I found a few of the intro scenes from my top picks which you can check out below. They are in no specific order of preference, except for Robotech which I was probably my favorite. Flashback time!

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Using CloudKick With Rackspace Cloud Servers – Webinar

Last week I co-hosted a great webinar with Alex Polvi (@polvi), one of the founders of CloudKick. It was a great session and I wanted to share it with everyone as it really displays the power and flexibility of leveraging Cloud hosting platforms as well as what can be done with the APIs that providers offer for their systems.

During the webinar Alex not only talks about the capabilities of CloudKick but he demonstrates them live on the Rackspace Cloud Servers platform. It is easy to see the value in their tool and it opens up tons of new possibilities for monitoring, automation and more. Our attendees asked a lot of great questions at the end as well. I’ll stop talking now so you can get to the recording, enjoy!

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[VIDEO] Which Rackspace Cloud Platform Is For You?

The other week I set out to make a product comparison video for Cloud Sites and Cloud Servers. After thinking about the best way to do that I decided to simply take some of the most common real world scenarios posed to us here at the Rackspace Cloud and give some quick high level answers.

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[VIDEO] Installing JungleDisk Server Edition on Cloud Servers

Just a few weeks ago the JungleDisk team announced their entirely new product lineup including the highly anticipated server edition. For those unfamiliar, JungleDisk develops a custom backup application which can store your local system data in the Cloud on platforms like Rackspace Cloud Files or Amazon S3. It supports many advanced features such as block level updates, compression, de-duplication, AES-256 encryption and much more. There are three different editions available for a variety of use cases including: Personal Edition, Workgroup Edition & Server Edition. The pricing ranges anywhere from $2/month per user to $5/month per user or server depending on the edition plus storage fees ($0.15/GB on Rackspace Cloud Files).

I recorded a video tutorial showing the process of installing JungleDisk Server Edition on a Rackspace Cloud Server. Many customers ask about the best way to do file-level backups on Cloud Servers and now the answer is simple: JungleDisk Server Edition. This is a great supplement to the snapshot based image backups that are already available with the Cloud Servers platform.

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[UPDATED] Rackspace Cloud Webinar Recording

I posted a recording of my weekly webinar which I do every Wednesday for the Rackspace Cloud a few days ago. This recording was from back in September and a few things have changed since, so I recorded todays session and posted below. If you missed the session or just have trouble making the time, feel free to watch this recording anytime at your convenience. During the webinar I give a high-level overview of the different platforms offered by the Rackspace Cloud (Cloud Sites, Cloud Servers, Cloud Files), then some live demonstrations within the control panel and then an open Q&A session at the end. Click the image below to launch the video:

The Rackspace Cloud Webinar

If you would like to register for a future webinar visit this page and sign-up for a date that works for you.

Feel free to comment with any suggestions for future webinars if there is something else you would like to see.