[VIDEO] Installing JungleDisk Server Edition on Cloud Servers

Just a few weeks ago the JungleDisk team announced their entirely new product lineup including the highly anticipated server edition. For those unfamiliar, JungleDisk develops a custom backup application which can store your local system data in the Cloud on platforms like Rackspace Cloud Files or Amazon S3. It supports many advanced features such as block level updates, compression, de-duplication, AES-256 encryption and much more. There are three different editions available for a variety of use cases including: Personal Edition, Workgroup Edition & Server Edition. The pricing ranges anywhere from $2/month per user to $5/month per user or server depending on the edition plus storage fees ($0.15/GB on Rackspace Cloud Files).

I recorded a video tutorial showing the process of installing JungleDisk Server Edition on a Rackspace Cloud Server. Many customers ask about the best way to do file-level backups on Cloud Servers and now the answer is simple: JungleDisk Server Edition. This is a great supplement to the snapshot based image backups that are already available with the Cloud Servers platform.

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Reselling Rackspace Cloud Servers

Yesterday my colleague, Mike Mozey, posted a great article on reselling hosting services using the Rackspace Cloud Sites platform. Since then we have received several inquiries about reselling our Cloud Servers platform so I thought I’d post some thoughts on this subject.

Cloud Servers does not yet have built-in reseller functionality in our control panel and it may be some time before we see something similar to Cloud Sites implemented. This leaves you with a few different options:

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[VIDEO] Setting Up Your Cloud Server

If you are thinking about testing the Cloud Servers platform or have already opened an account but are unsure of where to go next, this video is for you. I wanted to take the introduction video a step further and actually login to a newly created server and perform all the initial configurations to show you how easy it can be. If you are not familiar with the command line at all it can be a bit tough to get started, but the Rackspace Cloud offers tons of great help articles to get you going and there are some great books out there to reference as well. Once you get the basics down and do it a few times it will become like second nature.

You can follow along with the video or you can reference this KB article which follows the same basic steps I demonstrate in the video. In this tutorial we are launching a Cloud Server running Debian 5.0 Lenny.

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[VIDEO] Rackspace Cloud iPhone App For Cloud Servers & Files

If you use Cloud Servers or Cloud Files from the Rackspace Cloud and have an iPhone you definitely need to download the iPhone application for these platforms. It offers a very powerful set of features and options to manage your account including adding new servers, resizing existing servers, rebooting, SSH access, resource monitoring for Cloud Servers and for Cloud Files you can easily list all of your containers and drill down on the content inside, preview content and even email an HTTP url or the file itself directly from your iPhone.

Check out this brief live demonstration I created:

[VIDEO] Installing Drupal 6 on Cloud Sites

Yesterday I posted a video tutorial covering how to install WordPress on the Rackspace Cloud Sites platform. This video was a huge hit so I wanted to put together another one showing another extremely popular platform deployed onto Cloud Sites, Drupal.

I’ve used Drupal personally for many years on various projects and it is by far my favorite CMS platform for a variety of reasons, most of which revolve around the massive community. Watch the video for a step-by-step walk through with some quick performance notes as well which will ensure your Drupal site runs and scales smoothly within the Cloud and uses as few resources along the way as possible.

If you have any feedback or ideas for other video tutorials please leave me a comment or drop me a line on Twitter (@ckeck).

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