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A 40,000 Foot Update

Sitting here cruising at about 40,000 feet heading home and felt the urge to post a little note to the old blog which hasn’t seen much action as of late.

To say the last year has been busy would be an understatement. It has certainly been exciting but boy does time fly when you are building things and having fun. Since last October I’ve:

  • Left my awesome gig at Rackspace
  • Had a baby…well my wife did technically speaking (all natural I might add)
  • Joined a great team at HP doing some big things in Cloud
  • Left HP to do even bigger things in Cloud with another amazing team in Portland (focused on PaaS)
  • Decided to move cross-country to join my new team

For those who don’t know me I’ve traveled quite a bit but I’ve never actually lived outside of about a 2 mile radius in San Antonio so this is big. Luckily my wife and I have a few months to prep before moving which helps. It looks like this pace is going to continue for a few more years yet. I’m extremely excited about what the future holds. I’ll be making another post with details about my new job soon.

For readers who come to this blog for my articles relating to cloud, hosting platforms, etc you will want to stay tuned!

You Are What You Tweet (@ckeck)

I was really excited to see that finally went GA just the other week for all your infographic needs. As part of their launch they built this really neat Twitter persona visualizer of sorts. Something you definitely need to check out (see mine below).

Update: At first there seemed to be some mistake in who it thought I was. Under ‘likely obsession’ it had me holding a pack of cigarettes. That’ll be the day — anyone who knows me would realize how funny that is. Interestingly enough it appears as though the infographic below auto updated to correct itself so I’m assuming it will keep up with my data flow over time and adjust accordingly…cool!

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What book will change the way I market products?

I’m a sucker for business and strategy books (for good reason) so I immediately jumped on this question when I saw it last night while browsing through Quora. I’ve read many of the books mentioned, most of which are incredible but there are many which I have not read (or even heard of). I highly recommend checking out a few of these if you would like to broaden your business, strategy and marketing acumen especially in this day and age.

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