Moving On In The Cloud

After 4 1/2 amazing years the time has come to move on and say goodbye to Rackspace and the many friends I’ve made along the way. Let me state for the record that this was the hardest career decision I’ve ever had to make, and one of the hardest life decisions in general, but in the end I feel I made the right choice for my career and for my family. Being a part of such a great company and working with such incredible people will have a lasting impact and I do consider myself extremely lucky to have been part of building Mosso and the Rackspace Cloud.

For many, being on the forefront of an emerging technology such as Cloud Computing and helping to build one of the most successful businesses in the market is a rare opportunity. I’m going to get to do it twice now (see below). My leaving Rackspace is not due to any issues within the company, I simply had an offer that I could not refuse. I would highly recommend Rackspace as a place to work.

Chad Keck - Cloud Servers Product Page

Some quick highlights of my career as a Racker:

  • Joined the Rackspace sales team in April 2006
  • Made a gut-feel move to the Mosso division in January 2007 making up 1/2 of the sales team (the group developing some new emerging “Cloud” technology – approx 12 strong at the time)
  • Helped evangelize adoption of the Cloud for tens of thousands
  • Built out the Sales Engineering and Sales Operations team for the Rackspace Cloud (essentially the team who answers all the up-front technical questions)
  • Met thousands of people in the Cloud industry at tons of industry events and conferences (maybe we’ve met?)
  • Produced tons of video content helping people better understand how to use the Rackspace Cloud products and Cloud technology in general
  • I’ve been featured twice on the Rackspace Cloud web site and I’m still on there now (the guy on the front left, and all over the Cloud Servers pages)
  • Lastly, I led Product and Strategy for the Cloud Sites platform and some of the future platform services still being developed (like Cloud Load Balancing)

I started my new job about two weeks ago and I’m extremely excited. The opportunity is amazing and I’m working with a very sharp group of people. In my new role I will be leading Product and Strategy for one component of a new Cloud offering. Unfortunately I cannot say much more than that at this time but I will share as much as I can in the near future!

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