New Server & New Theme – Again

Just a few weeks ago the Rackspace Cloud team launched Cloud Servers infrastructure in the new Chicago data center. What does that mean to me? Time to try it out, that is what it means! I’ve provisioned a new 1 GB Cloud Server in the Chicago DC and I’m loving the speed. I also took this opportunity to switch back to Debian from Ubuntu and set up up a new server monitoring tool called Server Density which rocks.

Right as I was about to migrate, one of my favorite theme developers for WordPress released a brand new theme which I fell instantly in love with. So everyone who reads my blog, meet Traction from the Theme Foundry. I hope everyone likes it and if you have any thoughts please leave me a comment.

  • This is a slick theme indeed. Subtle details. Nice textures. An overall smooth feeling I’d say.

    Speaking of rackspace cloud server and WordPress, what about writing a tutorial on how to use WordPress Multi User with multiple domains and subdomains?

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like the look/feel.

      In regards to your suggestion, I think that is a great idea and something I’ll certainly put into the hopper. Just to clarify, would you want to see this tutorial based on Cloud Sites or the Cloud Servers platform?

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