My New 2010 Audi A4 S-Line Has Arrived

After many months of waiting my new 2010 Audi A4 S-Line has finally arrived and I am LOVING IT! I never believed that I would like this as much, if not more than my beloved ’09 A5 that I sold a few months back in order to get 4 doors (more room, just in case). The lines on this car are amazing as are the S-Line wheels and other styling cues. I stayed with Audi Drive Select even with the high price tag, it is an amazing option to have. My only concern with the new A4 is the 2.0T engine and the lack of HP it produces. I must say that after two days I’m fairly impressed overall with the stock 2.0T engine and tip-tronic transmission. The reason why I am not so concerned is because turbocharged engines such as this can easily be tuned to truly unleash their potential, and I have a few options in mind for turning this A4 into something much more powerful. Here are some “modifications” I plan to do over the next few months:

  • ECU Flash either from Stasis or APR
  • Quad-Tip Exhaust w/ S4 Rear Valance
  • High Flow Cat
  • High Flow Intercooler Pipe
  • High Performance Front Mount Intercooler

Once these upgrades are done I will likely de-badge my A4 (which I really dislike) due to the fact that those labels just won’t do the car justice. I can’t wait to get started! See below for a quick snap I took the day I got the car, more pictures to come soon!

  • Sean Galliher

    Just browsed through via linked in, congrats on the new car ; Audi’s have greate style .

  • Ed McConnell

    Congrats on the car Chad. I would rather the RV in the background though! :-)

  • Yvonne Willims

    Hi Chad,
    I’m a motoring writer in Australia just about to put together a review on the Audi A4 S Line and wonder if you’d mind if I quoted the first line in your March 1 blog about your new car.

    Yvonne Williams

    • Hi Yvonne,

      Yes, you can absolutely use the first line of my post in your article. Be sure to come back and post a link to your review — I would love to read it. Take care.

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  • Brent

    Hi Chad, I am releaved to read your blog regarding the new S-Line. I have ordered mine and am awaiting delivery. I can’t wait…. 6 weeks to go! I have always been a BMW fan but was very impressed with the new Audi model. Will keep you posted. Best regards, B

  • Konrad

    Hi Chad! Congratulations on your audi a4!! At the same time i have a quick question. How long did you wait for your audi to arrive? I have ordered my a5 s line exactly march 4 which is almost a month ago.. I have been told that the waiting time might vary but its usally from 60 to 90 days. If you could get back to me i would be apprciated!

    • Hey Konrad,

      Thanks, I’m loving the car, especially now that I’ve flashed the ECU with the APR Stage I upgrade…its fast! I waited about 75 days or so, the approximate delivery was exactly at 90 days but the car came in almost 2.5 weeks early which typically happens. Congrats on the A5 S-Line, I had an ’09 A5 S-Line right before this and it is a beautiful car, I just needed two extra doors :)

  • Konrad

    Thanks for getting back to me so fast… I dont know who is faster now you or your new audi lol. Yep its pretty much an a4 but with two doors.. Worth the wait especially if you are the first person to sit in the car and its made exactly the way you want it. Beautiful car.. I always loved audi cars but the new body styles they came out with are like nothing else out there!! Thank you once again!

  • Stan

    Please more photos of your car with or without any of the new mods Chad! Would like to see more pics! Got one comin aswell and can’t wait!

    • Need to get it cleaned up a bit and will see if I can snap some more this weekend!

  • Lower It! :)

    Great looking car. Nice choice on rims.

    • I’m not a huge fan of the lowered look, but it could use maybe a .5 to 1″ drop. My problem is that my A4 has ADS (Audi Drive Select) so I have to be very careful with the suspension. Not even sure if I can lower it at this point, but I’ll be researching the matter. Either way, this will be the last thing I do after my exhaust and intercooler upgrades :)

  • Munga

    Hi Chad

    Great car mate. I have the exact same 2010 A4 Sline quattro. just wondering who you were going to get to source these parts through as i would love to do a similar upgrade to mine.


    • Marc,

      Thanks, I’m really enjoying it. There are only a handful of S-Line models here in my area so it really stands out from the standard A4’s.

      I picked up most of my parts though some local performance shops and was lucky to have an APR dealer here for the ECU flash. If nothing else, flash the ECU…significant gains from that alone. If you can afford to let the car breathe a little better through the intercooler and exhaust it will absolutely scream!

  • Christy

    Congrats. I have the same car. A few years older and I put the RS4 wheels on mine. Did yours come with those wheels or did you buy those? Beautiful car. Wish I could see inside ;) Enjoy!!!

    • Thanks! These wheels were actually part of the S-Line package which were the RS4 wheels from the previous generation A4 (like you mentioned). I liked these wheels so much I canceled an order I had for an S4 and look the A4 S-Line :) I didn’t mind saving a few bucks in the process.

  • Sam Shyamc

    i got a A4L 2.0T B8 for the past 2 years. Am learing abt the car still today as there are so many features!
    But seriously what a car

    • Yes, they are great cars! If you like tweaking you should pick up a Ross Tech cable as there are a lot of hidden little things you can enable through the cars computer. The included software makes it a snap :)

  • dr_zak

    Hey Chad,
    Great car.  I have the same car, except I have the Goh racing package.  Can’t really tell the difference except for the badging on the side and it has “quattro” on the front grill.  I really don’t know much about modifying cars, but I was curious if you had any advice on where to start.  Something easy and inexpensive (or at least relatively) to get my feet wet.  Thanks!

    • Thanks, yours sounds nice as well! :)

      The best immediate upgrade that I can personally recommend is the APR Stage 1 ECU flash which made a very noticeable impact on top end HP and Torque. The reduction in Turbo lag was very noticeable too. It cost me about $599 if I remember correctly and was money well spent.

      Other than this an upgrade to the intercooler and intercooler pipe seems to provide some more slight HP gains and reduce turbo lag a slight bit more. The car is fast when that turbo kicks in, just a matter of getting it to that point.If you are looking to do some of the computer tweaks and unlock some of the hidden settings I highly recommend the USB-HEX cable and software from Ross-Tech, they make it super easy. Runs about $349.

  • Halo Bontly

    If I purchase the USB-HEX cable and software from Ross-Tech, how do I know how to install the computer tweaks and unlock some of the hidden settings?

    • The software from Ross-Tech makes it as easy as clicking a check box and pressing save. A while back people had to experiment changing bits in the vehicle computer “registry” directly to find what changed specific behaviors, but as those have been found the Ross-Tech folks have added in simple checkboxes to enable/disable specific features. Couldn’t be easier…have fun!

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