[VIDEO] Which Rackspace Cloud Platform Is For You?

The other week I set out to make a product comparison video for Cloud Sites and Cloud Servers. After thinking about the best way to do that I decided to simply take some of the most common real world scenarios posed to us here at the Rackspace Cloud and give some quick high level answers.

I hope this video is helpful and gives you a rough idea of the products capabilities and some good use cases. We plan to do many more and potentially a series with customers sending in their own actual video questions for me to answer. Tell me what you think, thanks everyone!

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  • Whoa, good thing this was just a concept video of sorts. Next time I need to wear a flat colored shirt. Cool optical illusion though ;)

  • Hey Chad. Great video. Helps so much. I have a WordPress blog on a Cloud Site. What would happen if I put the DB on a Cloud Server? Would it cut any seconds off my load time? I only get about 50-100 hits a day. But I also resell Cloud Sites and I haven’t been able to make the sale with folks who run DB intensive apps because of the load time, so this might be a solution that could help me there as well. Thanks so much. Love your blog and your new theme. Just realized you have a new job, so I hope this wasn’t too intrusive asking Rackspace questions at this point.

    • Hey there Stephen, glad the video was helpful. With lower volume sites it may not be necessary to move the DB to a Cloud Server. Are you running any of the caching plugins on your WordPress site such as: Quick Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache?

      If this doesn’t help or if you are running a different app you can certainly run a DB from Cloud Servers but you will need to be CERTAIN that this Cloud Server is provisioned in the same phase of Rackspace’s DFW data center as Cloud Sites. You may need to ask support to manually create this server for you.

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