Installing WordPress On Cloud Sites + CDN Support

WordPress is probably the most popular web application we encounter running on Cloud Sites at the Rackspace Cloud and arguably one of the most widely used web apps across the board. I’ve put together a 12 minute video walking you through the installation, setup and configuration process for WordPress on Cloud Sites. I also show the steps for easily enabling clean URLs and uploading the famous CDN Tools WordPress plugin which automatically side loads all of your static content to Cloud Files and serves it over the Limelight CDN, all behind the scenes.

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Leave me your comments and any ideas for future tutorials.

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  • This is just one of the things I appreciate about Rackspace — the user interface is intuitive. Keep up the incredible work, guys, and thanks for providing the BEST hosting experience a customer could experience.!

  • I just logged into my computer to find instructions on installing WordPress on Rackspace’s cloud servers. What are the odds that @rackcloud would have posted a link to your video?!? The timing couldn’t have been better. Thanks!

    • That is Fanatical service for you! :)

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  • Shan

    Hello Chad,
    Thanks a lot for this helpful tutorial. I installed the CDN Tools plugin and it uploaded all my attachments to the Cloud Files server.

    Unfortunately CDN Tools doesn’t seem to be worth because it just uses CDN for the images that I use in my posts, but it does not use CDN for the CSS file, for the javascript file, for my website logo, for my related post images (or any image in the layout design), and other things. Is there a way to do that?

    I’ve uninstalled CDN Tools for now because it doesn’t look like it will benefit my website.

    • Great questions! Cloud Files w/ Limelight is a great place to host your CSS and Java files as well, but as you mentioned I don’t believe CDN Tools side-loads these custom files for you.

      You can easily create a separate container in your Cloud Files account however and upload these manually, and then just point to the CDN URL in your code. Just be sure to update on Cloud Files whenever you make edits to these files.

      I’d also recommend asking the developer:


  • Just be forewarned, if you are expecting to use wordpress with cloud sites and have .net as your default technology it does not work. So if you are planning on hosting a .net site and wordpress in a subdirectory, it is not currently supported. You have to be running all linux, or a the most .net code that doesn’t require your site to have .net as the default.

    This bit me on the butt and I may have to reprogram a .net site to php or move one of my clients sites, likely at my own expense so I’m not entirely happy with the supposed “hybrid” solution that it was marketed as.

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  • Hi Chad;

    I spoke with you a couple days ago on your chat. I launched a cloud sites plan yesterday with the code you gave me. So far, everything has gone well.

    The WordPress install was extremely easy. My first test site on RackSpace Cloud Sites is an article site I’ve been putting together: It has a lot of articles on it, almost 400 thus far. Most of that database was populated via myphpadmin, which also worked very well.


    Jamie Dolan

  • Hi, for some reason I can’t find the video today. Where did it go?

    • It is still there, did you click on the new ‘Read More’ link or directly on the title of the post? My new theme setting only shows a summary of each post unless you click on it directly. Let me know once you find it.

  • Thank you very much. This well produced and very helpful.

    • You’re welcome!

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  • Kevin

    Hey Chad, we’ve been using W3 Total Cache plugin to configure our WordPress CDN, have you used this plugin? What other cloud services/CDN’s have you tried and do you recommend? Are you using one on your site right now?

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  • OneSprague

    Thanks, I see this was posted back in 2009, but it still gave me the info i needed and made my install easier! I was missing the database host name.

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad it’s still helpful :)

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