Rackspace / Mosso Cloud Sites Demos

I’ve posted video demos for Cloud Servers and Cloud Files from The Rackspace Cloud, now lets take a look at Cloud Sites, which is the flagship cloud platform from Rackspace.

Cloud Sites is a fully managed platform-as-a-service hosting architecture which makes it unbelievably easy to provision new web sites and web applications on enterprise grade hosting infrastructure. Because the entire infrastructure is managed by the Rackspace Cloud team up to your application/code there are some limitations in the level of access that you have to the environment and the amount of customization that you can achieve, but the benefits of the platform FAR outweigh any inconvenience caused by this. Essentially, my general rule is that if what you are looking to host will work in the Cloud Sites environment, RUN IT ON CLOUD SITES.

No platform offers greater levels of scalability and redundancy out of the box. From the moment you provision a site/app onto Cloud sites it is load-balanced across multiple physical web servers and specialized database clusters as well. All centrally managed with the best hosting control panel in the industry, business class email from Mailtrust (a sister company), and direct file-system access via FTP/SFTP. Cloud Sites can also easily be used in conjunction with Cloud Files and Cloud Servers.

For $100/month there is simply no other compelling offer in the market, especially when you factor in the 24x7x365 LIVE Fanatical Support delivered by the Rackspace Cloud / Mosso team.

I posted some video demos showing the functionality of the control panel as well as performing some basis tasks within the platform (FTP, database management, etc).

Adding A New Site

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Creating & Managing Databases

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  • I know this article is focusing on the Mosso Cloud Sites, but here’s a heads up on something for Mosso’s Cloud Files.

    I’m sure many of your readers are interested in an easy way to manage their Cloud Files containers and objects .. especially, for those who’d like to have more than one user but don’t want to give out access to their whole admin panel!! There are many options to access Cloud Files by a single user, but we needed a way to create sub accounts, assign containers, etc..

    Enter, Cloud9.
    Cloud9 is a new web-based service that allows users, or Web Designers/Programmers, to manage their Cloud Files more easily. It’s accessible, secure and fast. Basically, it improves upon the Mosso Cloud Files manager in these ways:

    1) Multiple file uploads!! Up to 20 at a time! No more waiting, file after file, or trying to teach our clients how to use Cyberduck / FireUploader, et al. Easy online access from nearly anywhere.

    2) You can create unlimited ‘user’ accounts and give them access only to containers that you assign to them. Unlimited Users, Unlimited Containers.

    3) You, as the admin, stay in complete control over the users, containers, objects (files), etc. You have global read/write/delete access.

    4) Each user can manage their own objects (files), upload/delete, etc. as well as add containers to their user account without taking up your valuable time.

    5) It’s super easy for you and your clients to use.

    6) Each file name listed in a container is pre-linked to the file, so using the URL for that file is as easy as, Right Click, Copy Link!

    So, be sure to check it out.. it’s pre-launch time and everything is getting the file check off for the launch date… Cloud9 will be issuing a limited number of FREE accounts during the beta phase. After which, the service will start a little above that Venti Mocha Frap you had last week, and will offer plans for different usage limits :)

    Cloud9 Website

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