My A5 Has Arrived

Well after a ~5 month wait my custom ordered 2009 Audi A5 S-Line has finally arrived. I have to give a huge shout out to Nathan Spencer over at Cavender Audi who helped me through the entire processes and actually moved me into an unexpected allocation which shaved months off my order time (thanks Nathan!). The car is beautiful, everything I thought it would be and more. I’m really glad Audi changed the S-Line seats to Alcantara, the faux suede is awesome. I’m still breaking in the car “somewhat” easily, so I haven’t gotten on it too hard, but for being the 3.2L V6 it has some POWER, especially in DYNAMIC mode via Drive Select — another MUST HAVE if you are picking up an A5/S5. Gas has been great, B&O sound is great, lots of trunk space. I just cannot say enough good things about this car. My only complaint is that I liked the Nav system in my Lexus better, and I believe Audi has a brand new MMI/Nav system coming out later this year that I’m going to miss out on, oh well. I took some shots yesterday after cleaning my car for a few hours, enjoy!

  • Ray

    Hey fellow A5OC member — regarding the Lexus nav, I used to do R&D for Fujitsu-Ten (who developed the navigation system that Lexus uses) and I must say that even though they have always had less features than the competition, it has a rock solid interface that’s easy to jump in and use. Can’t argue with touch screen either.

  • Sunny


    Nice a5! I just got my 2010 s5 black with red interior…i live in San Antonio too…i want to do some VAG-COM mods do you have VAG-COM you want to help me out with?

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