New Audi A5 Almost Here

For those who don’t know, I ended up trading in my Lexus in October to purchase the truck I had originally planned on. It seemed like a good idea at the time because I really missed having a truck for certain things. I did get attached to the sports car feel, but decided I could live without. Having the best damn truck on the road didn’t hurt either.

So here it is, roughly 9 months later and I’m waiting for my new car to arrive from Germany. I love my truck and I hate the thought of giving it up, but I’m simply not using it for anything “truck” related and with gas doing its thing I figured I’d make the move back to a small car for more than a few months. Also, my truck is staying in the family which is nice (dad is buying it), so maybe I’ll get to still drive it every once in a while.

When I started thinking about going back to a car a few months ago I was doing my due diligence and making sure I looked at everything on the market in the class I wanted. Either a small sports coupe or sedan. Naturally I prefer the sedan for the additional room in the back seat, but I really don’t carry around many people. So I ended up looking at the IS350/IS-F again, the Infiniti G35S/G37S, Mercedes C350, and the Audi A5/S5. I has originally wanted to purchase the A5 or S5 last year, but the car was not even released yet and I thought it was too expensive. After a long debate and narrowing it back down to either the Audi or the Lexus, I decided to try something new and pick up the Audi A5. My original order was for the S5 which I would LOVE to have, except the $64k + price tag scared me a little and the fact that the gas millage is almost identical to my truck. That plus the requirement for premium gasoline pretty much made that decision for me, and then there was the $1,300 gas guzzler tax which was just a complete waste of money. The extra ~90HP and sound from the V8 engine would be nice, but for now I can live without. The A5 is nothing to complain about :)

I just received an update from my dealer last week and my car is scheduled to arrive in mid-late August. I cannot wait — here are the specs:

  • 2009 Audi A5 S-Line Edition
  • Meteor Grey Exterior
  • Black Leather w/ Alcantara Inserts
  • Technology Package
  • Premium Package
  • Navigation Package
  • Drive Select
  • Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound
  • Audi Music Interface

If you don’t know what the A5 looks like, here is some picture action for you. I’ll post more once I get my car (this is not the same color).

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